The GLOBE Series

GLOBE Series

The GLOBE Series is a Vancouver based non-profit group dedicated to accelerating the business of the environment.

As North America’s largest and longest-running Conference and Exposition series dedicated to business innovation for the planet, the GLOBE Series looked to update their exising branding with new colours, graphics, and fonts. The new brand was applied to brochures, one-off handouts and newsletters, ads, to more robust multi-page programs and event packages.

GLOBE Series GLOBE Series GLOBE Series GLOBE Series GLOBE Series GLOBE Series

GLOBE Awards

Along with the GLOBE Conference Series, the GLOBE Series held an annual GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellance, which awarded those recognized in showing outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship. A separate visual language was created for the awards ceremony, which also took place during the Conference Series.

GLOBE Awards GLOBE Awards GLOBE Awards
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