Skilled in design and illustration for print and web.

Based in Vancouver, BC.

We Animals

We Animals features over 100 photographs shot over a ten year period by animal-rights photographer, Jo-Anne McArthur.

Art directed by The Goggles

The Goggles Media Group

A parallax website was designed for art directors The Goggles Media Group and features their story based designs and concepts.

Art directed by The Goggles

The Ghosts in our Machine Interactive

This fully immersive interactive documentary is based on the film The Ghosts in our Machine, which features animal rights photographer Jo-Anne McArthur.

Art directed by The Goggles

Eco Fashion Week

A bi-annual event in Vancouver, BC., Eco Fashion Week features a new logo and website design, along with new branding per season with online packages, programs and print collateral.

Teagarden Satchels

Teagarden Satchels creates clutches, purses and satchels from upholstery industry roll ends.
The branding consists of a logo, website design and custom illustrations.

Globe Foundation

The GLOBE Foundation is a Vancouver based non-profit group dedicated to accelerating the business of the environment.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Book, Reports

A history book and annual report made for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, in its past was the leading producer of canned salmon and largest building of its kind in British Columbia.

Art directed by The Goggles

Hagop Kevorkian Center

Coverage in Context is a collection of writings for the Hagop Kevorkian Center, a progam at NYU which fosters the study and public understanding of the Middle East.

Art directed by The Goggles

Amnesty International T-shirt

This t-shirt illustration supports the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests of the Arab Spring.

Art directed by The Goggles

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