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Since moving to Vancouver in 2010, I've worked on everything from illustrated content for design projects, layout for books, reports, branding collateral, presentations – you name it! Recently, I've been focusing on my web design practice, designing and building websites for my clients.

Along with client work, I have my (seemingly endless ) list of personal side projects, combining illustration, design and web together. It's what continues to feed my curiousity, motivate my experiments, and revitalize my mind.

You can check out my instagram for ongoing side projects:

What I do:

  • Wordpress Websites — I don't call myself a wordpress developer, but with some site building tools and my experience with css & html coding, I can build a custom wordpress site from the ground up. I can also personalize pre-built wordpress themes with your branding, colours, fonts, and populate your site with the rest of your content.
  • Branding Collateral — Programs, reports, business cards, presentations, signage, shareable web images. Just to name a few.
  • Infographics — Combine illustration with design in an interesting and engaging way? Yes please!
  • Illustration — Posters, infographics, icons and graphics for presentations.
  • Book & Report Design — There's a special place in my heart for this type of print design.

Sorry, but I don't do:

  • Branding — Though I have a couple of branding projects under my belt, it’s just not anything that I would like to do. It's a much better idea to find someone who loves doing it.
  • Logos — See branding above.
  • JavaScript & jQuery — Aside from integrating pre-written code that is shared online, I don't create my own.
  • Animation — I wish, but what a can of worms that would be!

Clients I've Worked With

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